(Italiano) CHI SONO
Hi! My Name is

Giulia De Jesus

I am the creator of DG Instagram. This project was born when I realized the potential of INSTAGRAM. Our team is kept always in step with the updates of this social network, our main goal is to make accessible this platform for all those who want to have a professional and performant account and that will help them to achieve their objectives.

In the first place we always put the interests of the client and this entails great seriousness and commitment on our part.

Beyond this, together with my boyfriend Donato we are the creators of the Instagram page @_DGTravel_ our personal account thanks to which we work with resorts, hotels and tourism agencies around the moment for the creation of content for social media.

It was precisely the reuslates that we managed to get in a single year that prompted us to open this agency.

We are convinced that this is the added value of our team.