We manage every aspect of consulting, planning and developing specific strategies.

 What we do for you:

  • Definition of objectives to be achieved
  • Analysis of the market and of competition on Instagram in case of commercial activity
  • Creation of editorial plan (photographic style, applications to use… )
  • Definition of plan Instagram advertising aimed at creating advertisements targeted and specific to your needs, in the case of commercial activities
  • Monitoring of the performance obtained

The choice to create an account on Instagram, it is essential to develop a community increasingly involved and loyal with the brand, but also to create an image is recognized in the case of influencer.


A short course designed and created tailored to the customer.

Here’s what it is:

Divided into 3 lessons of 1 hour each

The first two lessons deal with topics focused on the goal that the client wants to achieve

The third lesson is a bonus that the client can choose to use within a month, or immediately choose a topic to be chosen as a lesson (you can also use it as a review or clarification of points seen previously)

It happens by Skype, to facilitate the usability to the customer

Monitoring of the obtained performances

In this course we will teach you the practical strategies to get the results you need to achieve your goals on Instagram.

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