On january 2013 Instagram had 90 million active users. At September 2015
comes the announcement that active users per month are about 400 million.
The 21 June 2016 Instagram announces that users have risen to 500 million.
A rate of growth that exponential define is not mere rhetoric.

In 2012 adults who used Instagram were approximately 13 % of the total.
Today there are 28 %: even during the Instameet involve more and more people
of all ages.

In 2016 Instagram has generated (or will generate) approximately 9 % of advertising
gains of Facebook. It is estimated that in 2017 this figure will increase up to 14%.

59% users use Instagram at least once a day
and 35% of their visit the platform more times over the 24 hours.

Social Media Experts

Why choose Instagram?

By analyzing over 3 million interactions on 7 social networks, we found an engagement rate between brands and users of less than 0.1%, especially on Facebook and Twitter.

But there is a social network that can beat them all:


In particular, brand posts on Instagram generate an engagement rate of 4.21% and get 58 times higher coverage per follower than Facebook and 120 times higher than Twitter.

Why choose DGInstagram?



Not everyone knows that one of the most important things about IG is the Engagement Rate. Thinking about this Social Network the first thing that comes to mind is the number of followers, but let’s think about it: having a profile with thousands of followers and a very low feedback, is it really a good job?





Our services


It is a service addressed to those who want to land on Instagram For the first time and knowing strategies to grow and create a professional and performing profile, targeted for brands, businesses and individuals.


Is a service for people who have an Instagram account but don’t have a time for manage it, In this performance we post the photos, manage the networking, we apply a grow strategies for your account

Who are our services for?

An influencer who wants to consolidate and strengthen his image on IG

An aspiring influencer who dreams of collaborating with the most famous brands

A Fashion Blogger who intends to make the best use of Social Network

A sportsman who wants to increase his visibility

A travel blogger who wants to travel around the world

A hotelier who intends to promote his structure

A company that makes the brand its main weapon

An entrepreneur in the fashion/beauty industry that want to sell through IG

A webagency looking for a service to offer to customers



Tell about us

I started with the consultancy service, I was so thrilled by the plan of work done and the results
that I decided to pass the management service. Also in this case i found high professionalism.

Personal Shopper

Now DG Instagram manages all my actions social, by growth to the engagement.I started with the consultancy service about 1 year ago, passing in a short time the total management of my profile IG. Professional and serious.

Fashion Blogger e Influencer
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